phone a friend with Karolina Palmer

Episode Summary

This episode is a little different, because it’s more of a conversation between friends than an interview. Karolina is one of my best friends, and she’s such a smart, wise, fascinating person. She’s also a mom, a chef, and a really great friend. We have a good thing going with our nightly phone calls and I hope eavesdropping on us helps you feel a little less alone, entertains you, or inspires you to call your friends.

Episode Notes

- Let it Out Kits are available!

- Connect with Karolina on Spotify

- Dating Without Texting is the Absolute Best by Clara Artschwager (article)

- New York Times article on loneliness

- Face wash Katie mentions

- Chrissy Teigen on Twitter

- David Harbour’s Architectural Digest apartment tour

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