Overwhelmed with Feelings Birthday Conversation with Sacha Jones

Episode Summary

Sacha Jones is one of the most interesting, caring and creative people I know. We met in a kismet encounter in 2013 and since then have gotten closer and closer. She's the reason why I moved to the east village, love New York, and know about a lot of cool music and art. We call her my non birth mom because we have an age gap between us but her friendship is one of the most meaningful parts of my life. A couple years ago we started a tradition where she interviews me for my birthday. This year's conversation covers the messiness of feeling, extremes, change, and overwhelm. I always love talking to her and I hope you enjoy eavesdropping.

Episode Notes

Show notes:

- Fiona Apple's new album and New Yorker profile of her

- Marlee Grace Personal Practice Instagram

- Little Fires Everywhere (book)

- Mary Kate Teske

- Connect with Sacha on The WebFacebook | Instagram | Twitter


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