non linear recovery, body image, and diet culture during a pandemic with Anti-diet author and Food Psych host Christy Harrison

Episode Summary

Today's conversation is with author and host of the podcast Food Psych, Christy Harrison. She's a friend and mentor I admire. In this conversation we cover the connection between the current pandemic and eating disorders/body image, where she is currently with body image and eating, diet culture, what she coined as the "wellness diet," and how dieting is what she calls a "life thief" that steals your time, money, relationships and sanity (which has fully been the case for me). I end up being incredibly candid about my ups and downs with food and body image and where that's rooted. And Christy gives advice on how to talk about diet culture and recovery with people in your life. I love Christy and this conversation.

Episode Notes

Show notes:

- Christy's book

- Katie's episodes on Food Psych: Orthorexia - When Healthy Eating Hurts, Relationships in Eating Disorder Recovery, The Body Positivity Journey - Live Episode, How to Share Your Anti-Diet Journey

- The Interview Kit

- The Breakups Kit

- Journaling 101 Kit


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