likes + learns in an anxiety apocalypse with Jen Gotch & Serena Wolf

Episode Summary

Today’s episode is a bit of a variety show, with clips from Spiraling, the anxiety podcast I co-host with Serena Wolf, and some of my recent likes and learns. Serena and I talk about this moment we’re in right now, and you’ll get to hear part of an interview I did with Jen Gotch for Spiraling (which airs there tomorrow). It’s one of my favorite interviews I’ve ever done, and Jen is articulate, insightful, and hilarious. I’m also sharing some of the things I’m learning right now (there are a lot of them), and some of the activities and snacks I’m enjoying at the moment.

Episode Notes

Show notes:

- Connect with Jen on Instagram | The Web

- Jen's book The Upside of Being Down

- Attached (Book)

- The 5 Love Languages

- Spiraling Podcast


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Likes + Learns:

- Granola

- Pistachios

- Olipop (the strawberry vanilla is my favorite)

- Walnut / Hazelnut milk


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