family/ culture /gender / heritage/ identity + art & fear with hosts of in bold company, rootless cosmos and impostor syndrome

Episode Summary

This week's episode covers family, identity, heritage and making art with fear still there. It's a variety show featuring several different new podcasts and clips I loved from each of them talking about everything from cultural intensity with a jewish studies and pop culture writer to talking about inner child work to a clip about making art even when you feel like an imposter. Every year I run a workshop called Let [A Podcast] Out. As part of the course, each participant can an episode to a contest to have their show featured here. It was hard to choose a winner this time especially but always because per alumni page so many cool shows have come out of this workshop. In this episode, you'll hear clips from the 3 winning podcasts from last semester: in bold company, Rootless Cosmos, and Impostor Syndrome. While these shows are quite unique I saw a through line through them and am so proud of each of them.

Episode Notes

in bold company with Kristina Gonzalez Sander

in bold company is a lifestyle podcast and community created to give women of color the opportunity to relate, connect and support each other as they explore their identities. The podcast dives deep into topics like wellness, entrepreneurship, self-development, family, money, and more. These are the conversations we’ve been waiting for, the ones we don’t hear enough. Let’s dig in. 

Episode 1: Inner Child Work, Ancestral Healing, and Feminine Energy with Ferny Barceló
Ready to talk about family? Oh yeah, we go there. Our guest is our Ferny Barceló is a holistic therapist for women plus a yoga and meditation teacher. In this episode, definitely get a bit esoteric. We talk about exploring our relationships with our parents, our ancestors, white-passing and being a proud Latina.

Connect with us on @inboldcompany You can find Ferny Barceló and her offerings on her website or on Instagram. Ferny references the book It Didn't Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle by Mark Wolynn. Birth chart readings by Far Out Astro. Highly recommend. If you want your own set of Oracle Cards, my friend Kati has a shop in Austin (and online) called Rituals Austin.

Podcast: tune in here
Instagram: @inboldcompany
Website: https://www.inboldcompany.com/

Rootless Cosmos with Clarissa Marks

One curious but discerning woman goes on an expedition of Jewish heritage. Tune in for a series of deep dives with experts and conversations with innovators on the cutting edge of Jewish cultural change. All are welcome as we tackle topics related to Jews, culture, history, identity and society.

Episode 3: What's It Like to Write About Jews AND Pop-Culture? With Journalist and Author Abraham Riesman
Clarissa talks with Abraham Riesman. Abe is a reporter and essayist for New York magazine and often writes for its culture and entertainment site, Vulture. In addition to arts and culture, Abe covers Jewish topics, and sometimes he finds a way for the two to overlap. He also has a new book coming out on the Jewish Marvel Comics icon, Stan Lee. In this episode, Clarissa and Abe talk about his Jewish and journalist journeys, find out they went to the same Hebrew school, and they dig into the raison d'etre behind this podcast.

Media Mentioned
"Call Me by Your Name"
The Yiddish Policemen's Union” by Michael Chabon
“Radical Then, Radical Now: Exploring the Legacy of the World’s Oldest Religion” by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Organizations Mentioned
The Workers Circle
Jewish Currents
Base Hillel

Abraham Riesman’s Articles Mentioned
A Jew's Christmas Confession
David Berman Struggled to Feel the Joy He Brought Us
“It’s Stan Lee’s Universe”

Find out more about Abraham Riesman at Abrahamriesman.com
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Impostor Syndrome by Rose Arscott

The One Where I Interview Myself
The first-ever episode of Imposter Syndrome, hosted by Rose Arscott, where Rose interviews themselves.

Link to reading recco: Your Art Will Save Your Life Beth Pickens: https://www.feministpress.org/books-n-z/your-art-will-save-your-lifeHomework: What does fear feel like in your body?Rose @posle (https://www.instagram.com/posle/?hl=en)
Music: Special Place by Kesta (https://ketsa.uk/)

Podcast: tune in here
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