277 | complicated transitions , BODIES are weird be gentle, & creative projects are healthy, more with That's Pretty Woo and The Wisdom Within hosts

Episode Summary

a special edition episode!! includes a meditation that helped me let go of HOW in an uncomfortable transitional situations with intuitive healer Zoe Graman. Also, I talked all about bodies and all their weirdness with the hosts of That's Pretty Woo. This is a variety show of an episode.

Episode Notes

This is a special edition episode, out of the usual format but you'll hear:
-a conversation about releasing the HOW- letting go.
-BODY talk - from healing from injuries, to gentle exercise, unsolicited body advice, and how we're all handling being more in our bodies and less in our heads.

Every year I run a workshop for podcasters called Let [a podcast] Out. There's a contest element where I choose 1 episode to air on this podcast feed. This year going through the the entires I struggled a lot to choose. They were incredible and diverse, from a fiction podcast from an English professor to a poem podcast. What you're about to hear is a variety show of sorts, you'll hear me interview the hosts of two of the contest winners, clips from their episodes, and a clip from my anxiety podcast Spiraling with Serena. I included the clip with Serena in this because the last time I ran this workshop I made a new podcast along side the group. Last few days to sign up for the next round of the workshop! OR just take the free mini course here.

The Wisdom Within Podcast with Zoe Graman

The universe has your back. I know this from personal experience. Six months ago today, a big change occurred in my life that set a massive phase of transformation in motion. In this episode, I share my biggest lesson from this transition.

I discuss:

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That's Pretty Woo Podcast with Jordan Medina and Kaileen Sues

Jordan Medina and Kaileen Sues are friends navigating the balance between pursuing their work and passions, while being present as mothers, partners, and citizens of the universe. They cover topics ranging from rituals and manifesting to skincare and style. This is your space for girl talk on all things life, beauty, and magic. Light some palo santo, grab your favorite beverage, and press play!

In this episode they discuss:



Full Show Notes for this episode: Our Woo, Our Bodies

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