266 | trauma, depression, ancestral wounds and accessibility to wellness with reiki master and holistic healer Selome Araya

Episode Summary

A couple months ago at The Wing previous podcast guest Seher Sikandar introduced me to the friend she was having coffee with, today's guest Selome Araya. She was bright, friendly, and I liked her right away. Seher connected us and as I learned more about her work I was hooked. Selome is a reiki master, doula, and holistic healer who specializes in the link between spirituality and depression. We talked about her experience with depression and as a highly sensitive person, and how she was able to heal holistically. She shares with us how to know if you are highly sensitive and if so, how to protect yourself. We got into ancestral wounds, what that means and how to heal your lineage through healing yourself. Selome now helps teach others heal their depression holistically through her program Healing at the Root. We also talked about aging and not being where you expected to be by a certain age as well as solo travel as therapy.

Episode Notes

Notes from the Show:

-Selome Araya's website | instagram

-Selome's Healing at the Root Program 

-monthly reiki attunement classes in Brooklyn

-Of Water and the Spirit by Malidoma Patrice Some

-The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

Likes & Learns:

-Marc Maron's Podcast. I especially loved the Jane Fonda episode and the Lisa Kudrow episode

-Jane Fonda HBO Documentary 

-Call Your Girlfriend Podcast with Nora McInerny 

-Taking the ferry around New York instead of the subway

-Being more conscious about being wasteful, specifically around plastics

-Bringing a metal cup with you for drinks (like this one!)

All original music composed by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs

Album art by Zoie Harman

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