239 | Relationships, love, & ritual cookies with Kathryn Budig & Kate Fagan

Episode Summary

we cover Relationships, love, communication, working with a partner, rituals, writing, speaking, and bodies + more!

Episode Notes

I've been following one today's two guests,  yoga superstar Kathryn Budig since I first started doing yoga in high school. She was my yoga idol. Over the years I've read her recipes, bought her books, and watched her talks. Today's other guest and Kathryn's now wife, sports journalist and author, Kate Fagan came into my life more recently when my friend Rose introduced me to their podcast Free Cookies a few years ago. Instantly, I fell in love with their dynamic, the subject matter they covered, their humor, and eventually their free relationship advice or as they call it, cookies. My love of them as a couple led me to get to know & love Kate and her work individually as well, in this episode we talk about the important book she wrote last year, What Made Maddy Run and her own impressive career as a sports journalist. I loved speaking with these two and could have talked to them for hours. We recorded this conversation just a couple days before their wedding, which is why it's a bit shorter than other episodes but think of this one like what they say about a mini-skirt--covers everything but will leave you wanting more. 

Notes from the Show:

-Kathryn Budig on The Web | InstagramFacebook | Twitter

-Kate Fagan on The Web | InstagramFacebook | Twitter

-Their podcast "Free Cookies"

-Free Cookies episode with Esther Perel

-Free Cookies episode with Dana Childs

-Kate's book: What Made Maddy Run

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