232 | History, Vintage Fashion, Finding a Creative Career with Laura McLaws Helms Fashion and Cultural Historian

Episode Summary

how she moved to New York from London to study photography and how she ended up in the career she's in now. We talk about fashion trends, vintage shopping and personal style tips. We got into becoming a personal brand, podcasting vs. writing, authenticity in the age of social media, body image, and much more. 

Episode Notes

Notes from the Show:

-Laura Helms on The Web | InstagramTwitter | Podcast

-Laura's art and fashion magazine: Lady World TV & Lady World Instagram 

-Laura's podcast interview with Norma Kamali

-Laura's clothing line: Marshmallow  & Marshmallow Instagram 

-Laura's Richard Kern 24 hour Breakfast Club 

-Types of Meditation we talked about: Zazen meditation | Kundalini meditation | TM Mediation , check out my episode with Bob Roth, a TM Meditation teacher here.

-The Commodore for Pina Colada with Amaretto Float

-NYC Library


-Blue Highways
Album art by Zoie Harman
All original music composed by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs
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