231 | ancestry & travel with food, diversity in wellness, break-ups, social media influencers with Candice Kumai (author & youngest contestant on Top Chef)

Episode Summary

Candice Kumai and I sat down a couple weeks ago and discussed everything from her Japanese and Polish upbringing, her early career as a fit model, going to culinary school to becoming the youngest contestant on Top Chef's very first season. We got into cooking as a career, her time on a reality TV show, her family's immigrant roots and how our individual ancestry impacts our food. We got into the lack of diversity in wellness, her thoughts on the landscape of social media influencers, her complicated relationship with technology, her major breakup and how she got through that time, her new book, and more.

Episode Notes

Notes from the Show:

-Candice Kumai on The WebInstagram | Facebook | Twitter

-Candice's New Book: Kintsugi Wellness

-Candice's Other Books: Pretty DeliciousCook Yourself SexyClean Green DrinksClean Green Eats

-Candice's Podcast Wabi Sabi

-You Be You by Drew Canole

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