221 | Jenna Weiss-Berman of Pineapple Street Media on Podcasting, Cultural/Media Criticism, The Value of Internships, Parenting,  and more!

Episode Summary

I've closely followed Jenna and watched listened as her career has expanded from director of audio at BuzzFeed to starting her own company Pineapple Street Media.  In this episode, we talk about risks of entrepreneurship, following your dreams...while also being realistic, criticism and how to use it beneficially, parenting, and of course podcasting at length, since she's one of the greatest audio producers and story tellers of our time. Her company has produced podcasts with Hillary Clinton's campaign and the New York Times.

Episode Notes

Notes from the Show:

- Jenna and Pineapple Street on The Web | Instagram | Twitter

- we talk about their show Missing Richard Simmons and the New Yorker article on it

Terry Gross - our interviewing hero

- Podcasts we talk about: Another Round, SerialWho Weekly, My Favorite Murder, Woman of the Hour

- Jenna got started at Storycorps

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