219 | Katie Dalebout (me) Annual Birthday Update hosted by Sacha Jones

Episode Summary

I started this podcast when I was 22 years old. Last Monday I turned 28. I've changed in both extreme and subtle ways over the last 6 years and most of that trajectory has been documented in the last 200 podcast episodes I've recorded. I think we change extra quickly in our twenties, at least that's been my experience. At 22 I thought I knew basically everything. At 28 I'm pretty sure I know nothing. Since I began this podcast my body, my relationships, my career, and even my location have all changed drastically many times--the one constant through all of this for me has been this podcast. Recording conversations with people who fascinated me and asking them questions about whatever I was currently wrestling with taught me more than I ever anticipated. When I listen back to the episodes I can always tell what I was grappling with or contemplating based on how I guided the conversation. Over the past five years and 200 plus episodes we've covered  topics I've personally been curious about or wrestling with--things like body-image, sex, entrepreneurship, feminism, writing, moving, and creativity. I've learned so much and been so inspired by everything I've learned from hosting this podcast. This week since it's my birthday, I take a break from hosting and my dear friend Sacha Jones takes over and interviews me. This has been an annual tradition on the podcast where each year during the week of my birthday I spend the week as the guest and use the time to catch up with everyone listening. Think of this episode as a "state of the podcast" of sorts where I'll give updates not only on my personal life, but also I reveal the big project I've been working on since January and the future of this podcast including what you can expect in the coming months for Let It Out. Hope you like it!

Episode Notes

Notes from the Show:

- my 2017 birthday episode with Sacha

- I love Sacha's cleanses, they are nourishing and not about starvation

-our favorite spots to get herbs: Mountain Rose Herbs (online)  + Flower Power (online and in NYC)

-HayHouse Writers Workshop

-introducing my podcast course: Launch Pod: A Launchpad for your Podcast !!!

-freaky healthy chocolate

- Dani Shapiro + her book: Devotion

- self control app

Christttine — past podcast episode, her challenge to do 30 days vlogging

- Nicole from Splendid Spoon — inspired me to do more about dreams

- New York Times modern love column: 36 Questions that Lead to Love

- the Dutch conversation game

 - Sacha's wedding ceremonies

- Cheryl Miller Houser, past pod guest + her son’s app ‘the entertainment’

- cool restaurant in Boulder, CO:  Shine

- yummy Peruvian restaurant if anyone is going to Nosara in Costa Rica

- Podcasts: Note to SelfDesert Island Discs

- TV/Movies: Practical Magic, When Harry Met Sally

- Books: How to Breakup with Your Phone, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Infinite Jest

Photos by Nick HagenAlbum art by Zoie HarmanAll original music composed by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs 


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