213 | Kimberly Johnson of Magamama on rethinking sex, the Me Too Movement, pregnancy's fourth trimester and more

Episode Summary

I spoke with Kimberly Johnson of Magamama on rethinking sex, the fourth trimester of Pregnancy, the Me Too Movement, slowing down, feeling feelings, the intricacies of vaginas, and way more.

Episode Notes

I serendipitously met Kimberly Johnson founder of Magamama at an event this fall in NYC where she was speaking. Her talk was brief yet I walked away massively inspired and her content stuck with me long after that interaction. I instantly knew I wanted to work with her one-on-one and have her on the podcast. On her recent trip to New York this winter I had a session with her, which was eye opening. After experiencing her work first hand, I sat down with her the next day to record this conversation where we spoke about everything from how she got into this work as a “Vagina proctor,” to the Me Too Movement to slowing down sex, painful sex, communication in sex, to pregnancy, birth healing, and her new book The Fourth Trimester, and much more.

Notes from the Show:

- Kimberly on The Web | Facebook | Instagram

- her book "The Fourth Trimester"

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