120 | Danielle Paige Gives My Astrology Chart LIVE + plus insight on using astrology + My favorite Vintage Denim Brand.

Episode Summary

This episode is a little different from most because today Danielle reads my astrology chart live on the pod. For some of you long-time listeners of the pod you may remember Danielle from episode #63 . In today's episode not only do you get to know more about me but you will also learn more about astrology in general and get some insight on what the different parts of your own chart or reading mean. And even though we are well into 2016, Danielle's key word and highlighted theme for this year is a great reminder for all of us. + my favorite vintage denim brand! Pod Sponsor + Mini-Interview: Stick around at the end for an inspiring mini-interview with the amazing Dawn Myers, founder of Rhipped Denim. Many of you have probably seen me rocking my favorite jean shorts from Rhipped Denim on snapchat. I seriously love these jeans so much and get so many compliments on them all the time. Plus Dawn is offering listeners an AMAZING deal. If you enter the promo-code "KATIE" (all caps) at checkout not only do you get 10% your order but you also get a FREE chocker (valued at $18).

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--Danielle's NEW course!!  -launches TODAY!  This course was designed to help with the main problem of confusion that I’ve seen in people over the years. It will help you clear your blocks and bring more purpose, passion, and clarity into your life! She has taken all the major foundational principles she learned over 8 years and organized it into a step by step, easy to follow course that will help you step into your power and live a more abundant life!
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-Danielle Paige's first episode on Wellness Wonderland Radio (episode #63). We cover lots of energetic clearing tools in this episode so be sure to check those out.
-Dawn's brand inspirations: Glossier, Nasty Gal

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My all time favorite pair of jean shorts comes from this boutique and shop founded by girlboss Dawn Meyers. Check out the bonus min-interview with Dawn at the end of this show to learn more about Rhipped Denim and why I love these jeans so much.  Plus Dawn is offering listeners an AMAZING deal.  If you enter the promo-code "KATIE" (all caps) at checkout not only do you get 10% your order but you also get a FREE chocker (valued at $18).