Episode Summary

This is a special edition 40th episode featuring my mentor Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and Kundalini yoga teacher. WARNING: This episode will cause miracles.

Episode Notes

It's a milestone for the WWRadio, this is episode number 40! Who better to bring us into the forties than my mentor and guru, the one and only Gabrielle Bernstein. If you've spent any time in Wonderland at all you already know that Gabby is a beyond successful author, speaker, entrepreneur, visionary, Kundalini and yoga teacher who is legit changing the world. Her work is a direct reflection of the authentic transformational work she's done on herself and her ability to teach others to implement these principles to change their lives as well. She is obviously a huge inspiration to me & I'm thrilled to share my conversation with her with Wonderland. She is everything she appears to be and more. If you're new to Gabby she has so much to offer you! Her third book, Miracles Now is essentially a "Gabby Bernstein Greatest Hits Album." Her previous 3 books have been best sellers & are mainstays on my self. Gabby is an amazing writer, but what she loves doing is speaking! You must see her lecture, either check out her videos or check out her book tour because she may be coming your way. I'm so excited for you to get a taste of Gabby if you're new or get a tune up of all things Gabby if you're a Gabby connoisseur as I am. In this conversation I asked what I'd been dying to ask Gabby as well as questions sent in by you. Enjoy every moment of this very special podcast episode I adore.