236 | September Favorites Update: Films, TV, Food, Anxiety, Food, Skin, Hair, Detroit etc.

Episode Summary

An update from your host, me Katie Dalebout. + all of the things that are bringing me joy right now.

Episode Notes

An update from your host, me Katie Dalebout. + all of the things that are bringing me joy right now.

Notes from the Show:

TV Shows:

-Dawson’s Creek has been my cozy show + going to try watching The Affair

-Erin Mallory Long (Dawson Creek Recaps)


-RGB documentary

-8th grade

-Skate kitchen

-To All the Boy’s I’ve loved before

-Crazy Rich Asians

-Movie pass


-Pop rocket

-This episode of Jess Murnane’s podcast

-Raw Milk podcast Beth Kirby’s podcast specifically this episode

-Free Cookies

-Jen Gotch is okay sometimes

-Food Psych

YouTube: haven’t been watching a lot but I still love my staples which are my friend Christine who’s been on the podcast + Dearly Bethany for all my style needs

I also loved this fun Q & A about living alone and breakups from Estee Lalonde


-Sweetbitter on Audible

-The Lotus and The Lily

Music: I saw Beach House with my friend Karolina this month which was a delight. She’s my favorite person to see live music with. And here’s a playlist I made called MAGIC.

-Death Cab For Cutie's new album


-Frank + Whit: serum, sea salt spray, and beauty masks Use code KATIE for 20% off !

-Juice Beauty Green Apple Cleanser (If you sign up for their email list you get 15% off your first order) 

-Crystal mineral deodorant: Chamomile & Green Tea

-Love Letter: My fragrance with Good Medicine Beauty Lab

Hair update: Using the deva curl shampoo + conditioner and Deva Curl's "wave maker."


-The Fat Radish

-Cafe Clover and Market Table in the West Village



-Lady of the House

-In Ferndale Voyager

-Lost River Tiki Bar

-Four Sigmatic Chai Latte: Use code KATIE for 15% off your order.

-Organifi Protein: Use discount code LETITOUT for 20% off your order.

-Splendid Spoon 

-Sea Clear

-My friend Karolina’s chocolate Freaky Health Chocolate: Find it at Cap Beauty etc.

Sakara Life Kale chips


-I wrote an article for the fullest about how conversation became my meditation recently

-Wrote another Article for The Fullest print issue on addition. It is called: Is Your Hungover Self Your best self? Here’s a link to buy the issue. Maybe I’ll read it out loud in a future episode?

-Marlee Grace

-Marlee Grace Personal Practice Instagram

-Her Zine

-Nick’s Zine Bored

-My instagram post on Boredom


-Madewell Oversized Jean Jacket

-This Red Dress I wore at Good Fest and at my AK event

-Cloak & Dagger East Village

-Duo NYC East Village

Shoes: These comfortable New Balance Sneakers


-Communication tip: Imago Dialog Technique

-Our Survey if you haven’t filled out please do.

All original music composed by Carolyn Pennypacker RiggsAlbum art by Zoie Harman

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