integrating & becoming with herbalist Erin Lovell Verinder

Episode Summary

I loved this conversation with herbalist, nutritionist, and author Erin Lovell Verinder. Erin and I crossed paths in a completely kismet way a few years back when we were both randomly visiting LA. Fast forward some time later when I was traveling in Australia, and Erin invited me to stay in their quiet country house. We ended up spending a lot of time together because of torrential rain and floods, and really bonded. In this episode, Erin is candid about her health path, plant medicine, allowing space for integration, surrendering to the unknown and more.

Episode Notes

Show notes:

- Connect with Erin on The Web | Instagram

- Erin's book

- Katie's book

- Braiding Sweetgrass (book)

- The Overstory (book)

- Big Thief (music)


Likes and Learns:

- Tapping

- Staying hydrated / metal straws in mason jars


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