lean in hard to who to you are with Mira Mariah

Episode Summary

I met Mira, today's guest, speaking on a panel a few months ago in NYC. In the most nurturing mom-esque way, she zipped up my dress in the greenroom before I went on. Turns out she's the coolest mom I've ever met. Also, she's an articulate, smart, and talented artist. She's a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist best known on Instagram as GirlKnewYork. Her work has been featured in Elle, Allue and Nylon and she's tattooed some of the most influential people we know. I loved this conversation that covered creativity, new york, social media, friendship, confidence, being a mom, and tattoos.

Episode Notes

Show notes:

- Connect with Mira on Instagram | The Web

- Ashley Chubby Bunny

- Mahalia

- Sweetener by Ariana Grande

- Breakfast at Tiffany's (movie)

- Someone Great (movie)

- Workin' Moms (show)

- Trick Mirror (book)

- Staud (clothing)

- People on Instagram: @actualblackmermaid, @florencegiven, @nicolettemason, @katiejanehughes, @theslumflower

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