naked & unafraid shapeshifting & permission to be ourselves with Gabriella Mazure

Episode Summary

Today’s guest Gabriella is unlike anyone I’ve met, in the best way. She is a healer, teacher, performer, actress, and a new friend who I was grateful to spend time with in Bali. I hope you can hear in this episode how alluring and fascinating she is, and how impactful she is when sharing information and teaching. We talk about the dark feminine and merging light and dark, embracing ugliness, deep self work, being too much and not enough, healing, feeling instead of thinking, moving and big transitions, her fascinating life story, and more. Recorded on her porch in the middle of a rice field in bali during a rainstorm, this episode is slightly magical like Gabriella herself.

Episode Notes

Show notes:

- Connect with Gabriella on Instagram | Facebook

- Gabriella's interview on The Create Podcast

- The Magdalen Manuscript (Book)

- Women Who Run With the Wolves (Book)

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