286 | hostess with the most truth with Terces Engelhart, founder of Cafe Gratitude

Episode Summary

I recorded this episode with Terces a few months ago while I was staying on her farm in California. My time on Terces’ farm was genuinely one of my favorite experiences in 2019 and I’m excited I get to share it with you. Terces has lived so many lives, cultivated so much wisdom from all she's experienced, and created many things, including Cafe Gratitude, Gracias Madre, Be Love Farm, and a family and life I admire. She is wise, brilliant, nurturing, and a wonderful host. We talk about farming, romantic relationships, eating disorders, recovery, family, change, hosting, honesty, living in community, and much more.

Episode Notes

Show notes:

- get the Soothe Kit for free with promo code VALENTINE

- Cafe Gratitude on The Web | Facebook | Instagram

- Be Love Farm

- Gracias Madre

- Rob Bell (Author)

- Erwin McManus (Author)

- Mary Oliver (Author/Poet)

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