245 | my first hangover: the best thing for my wellness & intuitive eating + likes & Learns [solo bonus]

Episode Summary

Well you guys asked for it, here I am reading out loud the article I wrote a couple months ago for The Fullest about how my first hangover was actually one of the healthier things I've done. It taught me self-care isn't just green juice and face masks it's actually connection and presence and that the rigid self-care I'd been clinging to was actually counterproductive.

Episode Notes

Well you guys asked for it, so here I am reading out loud an article I wrote a couple months ago for The Fullest. It's about how my first hangover taught me self-care isn't just green juice and face masks, sometimes it's rest and cookies. It forced me into true intuitive eating when I had to listen to my body's cravings over what my dogmatic-wellness-obsessed-dieting mind would usually allow. Above all, the experience of being hung over made me realize how I prioritized a rigid self-care to-do list over people, creativity, and experiencing life. The entire situation showed me all forms of self-care should prioritize connection and presence over anything else. Most traditional self-care is solo, which can be great and really useful sometimes, yet other times it can be a way of hiding and isolating out of fear. I'm still learned how to decipher which version of self-care I need when. My default has become to isolate, and this article/ episode explores how I'm still learning my version of self-care now includes connecting and putting myself in an uncertain situations more that cozy certain ones. Plus, I give my likes and learns for the week, a giveaway, and more...

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